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Pacific Ocean After a trip between the coasts of the United States, I flew over the Pacific to reach Australia. Here's a pic from appoximately 35,000 feet above the ocean.
Here is Lake Albert, in the center of Albert Park, standing under an overcast sky before the city of Melbourne in the distance. Lake Albert
Seal Rocks This is Seal Rocks, part of Phillip Island, south of Melbourne. It is so named because innumerable seals bask themselves on the second, more distant rock formation at certain times of the year.
Here's another part of Phillip Island, just to the north of Seal Rocks. Seal Rocks
Heron Island Heron Island is an astounding World Heritage wildlife park off the coast of Gladstone. It is also functions as a resort where I spent five and half amazing days. Because it is a coral cay, and not a true island, it is actually on top of a portion of the Great Barrier Reef. In this picture, I walked out several hundred yards on the reef to take a photo of the northern edge of the island.
Here's a picture at Heron of dead low tide, as seen from the shore. The dark water in the background is known as Plate Ledge, one of the many (outstanding) sites where I went scuba diving. Heron Island
Heron Island This is the Heron north shore at sunset, with the tide quickly coming in.
And this is shortly after, with one lone star shining in the sky. Heron Island
McAllister Mountains This waterfall (seen from a skyrail) is in the heart of the McAllister mountain range that borders the city of Cairns in northeast Australia. Because the area is fairly close to the equator, the mountains are covered in tropical rainforests.


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