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Aviary This is Ned the Parrot at The Aviary in the Kuranda rainforest village, nestled in the McAllister Moutains.
And this is Gracey the Parrot. No relation. Aviary
Aviary This Major Mitchell cockatoo apparently likes the camera.
The guy on the left is me. The guy on the right is a red-tailed black cockatoo that stood on my shoulder for a good half hour as I walked around The Aviary. He didn't say much, and as such was great company. Aviary
Warrook This is George the Kangaroo at the Warrook Cattle Farm outside of Melbourne.
This is me feeding George the Kangaroo at the Warrook Cattle Farm outside of Melbourne. Warrook
Australia Zoo Here are two crocodiles enjoying the sun at the Australia Zoo, home of The Crocodile Hunter!
You've never seen a wildlife feeding demonstration until you've seen a dead rat being fed to a twelve foot crocodile. Australia Zoo
Australia Zoo Here, Elizabeth the Koala does what Koalas do best: sleep in a Eucalyptus tree.
This is the young and crowd-curious Lindy the Koala, being cuddled by the koala supervisor at Autralia Zoo. Australia Zoo
Australia Zoo No, Timmy the Kangaroo here is not dead. He happens to be lazily passing the afternoon hours at Australia Zoo. Actually, (I swear I am not making this up) he is playing hide and go seek with the camera, as you can tell by the smile on his face.


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