Fatherhood - Response Record

Write down the answers given by the speakers that interested you the most, that you agreed with, or that caused you to think about the topic in a new way. You should have at least three answers per question. Complete sentences are not necessary.

What is the most intense emotion in this piece: the child's hatred, the mother's suffering, or the father's desire to meet the child?

How old is the speaker? Is the speaker male or female?

Why does the father want to meet the child?

Why does the speaker agree to meet the father?

What is the tone of the speaker? Happy, sad, angry, calm…?

If you were in the child's position, what would you say to the father? Would you say anything at all? Would you meet with the father?

Will the speaker have children of his or her own? If not, why not, and if so, how will he or she treat them?