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Cayman Islands Picture Gallery


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Cayman Islands Twilight at the resort, looking out of the door to my room.
Sunset number one... Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands ...number two...
...and number three. Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Apparently this eel doesn't like it when you get this close.
This fish heads to an area where its camoflage works better. Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands This one has no such opportunity.
Another fishie. Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands This one braves open water looking for food from the divers.
Yes, this is a stingray. And yes, it's about to flide over my head. No problem, though. Stingray undersides feel like velvet. Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Divers with dead squid in their hands are very popular with the stingray set.
How do you feed a stingray? You hold a dead squid in your closed fist... they smell it and glide to you... Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands ...and then it proceeds to suck on your hand until you let the squid go. Meanwhile, more stingrays arrive, and since your hand still smells like a squid, they all pile on in a melee, competing to to suck on your empty hand. They will only be dissuaded if you rub your hand in the sand on the ocean floor to remove the scent. Very surreal. Very disconcerting. Very cool.


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