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Fish This brave school of fish nonchalantly ignored me as I swam up to them with my camera... strength in numbers, perhaps?
No pals for this loner fish, though. It soon beat a hasty retreat. I wonder if he knows this guy from Grand Cayman? Fish
Lobster Crustaceans seem to love to back away from possible threats, claws at the ready, as they retreat into hiding places. Take this lobster, for instance...
...or this skittish crab, trying in vain to hide under the shadow of some brain coral. Crab
Nurse Shark I've seen nearly a dozen sharks in three and a half years of scuba diving, but each of them swam away before I could get close enough for a picture. Given that, I was amazingly fortunate to snap this picture of a resting nurse shark.
This is my favorite pic of the trip. These spectacularly colored fish have eluded me many times in the past, despite their abundant numbers, always managing to swim out of frame. Not so this time, luckily. Fish
Ships Flying into Cozumel in the early afternoon showcased this sight... three massive ocean liners taller than the hotels in the background.
I had only the barest of notions of what to expect before arriving at my resort, the Grand Cozumel by Occidental; this impressive grand foyer merely hinted at what was to come. Grand Cozumel
Grand Cozumel And here it is: the residence I stayed at for the duration of my trip. It was an amazing place, and I highly recommend the accomodations.
This is another similar residence at the resort; I snapped this pic just because of the fantastic lighting. Grand Cozumel
Grand Cozumel Sure, the beach was right there. But nothing beats a midnight swim in this heated and lit pool right outside my residence. Use your imagination.


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