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Fijian Picture Gallery


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Kadavu This is one of the mountains of Kadavu, Fiji, as seen from a diving boat about one mile from shore.
And here is the shore, as seen from a trail about one mile inland. Kadavu
Kadavu This is part of the beach where I vacationed in Kadavu... the Dive Kadavu Matana Beach Resort.
Here we have an inland waterfall. After a 45 minute, treacherous hike into the mountains, coming upon this fresh water was a big relief. Kadavu
Diving in Fiji Here we begin with the underwater photographs I took while scuba diving at Dive Kadavu. This nervous little fish is called an anemone fish, and what's odd about this particular one is that it is swimming in open water...
...whereas this one is exhibiting its natural behavior of remaining among the flowing folds of the soft coral anemone. Diving in Fiji
Diving in Fiji Nothing much I can say here, except, well... here's another fish. With some hard coral.
This twin pair of angel fish wanted nothing to do with me, and quickly tried to swim out of frame as I snapped their picture. Diving in Fiji
Diving in Fiji These fish, however, had no problem with me. In fact, they seemed oblivious to me as they headed off...
...to join this massive school that was passing by at the time. Diving in Fiji
Diving in Fiji This fish doesn't quite have down the fine art of camoflage, as it laughibly tried to hide behind some stringy soft coral.
This one seems to be having some trouble with the concept as well, as it tries to hide in front of some coral. Silly fish. Diving in Fiji
Diving in Fiji This fish had one of the strangest colorations I've ever seen: drab green body, dark blue fins, and teal polka dots.
Finally, we have a fellow diver, patiently waiting, motionless, for the boat to arrive to pick us up. Diving in Fiji


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